About us

Gamin is the leading company for deliveries of the equipment for checking the quality of surface treatment. We also supply technologies – spraying and blasting technique.
For many years we have been also developing interactive trainings in theis field, as there were no such courses available. We have trained more than 400 participants in various fields.
The comapnies are also very much interested to conduct the training in their premises and with their own personnel, which brings the opportunity of selling them the simulator.

We offer

  • Devices for evaluating the quality of the surface treatments, laboratory equipment, blasting, painting and metallization technology, devices for solvent and water recycling 
  • Corrosion chambers, ultrasonic devices (NDT)
  • Advanced technologies and equipment for industry – industrial vacuum cleaners and washing tables
  • Comprehensive professional advice and training in the field of surface treatment
  • Tailor-made technical solutions, warranty and post-warranty service, including the supply of spare parts and consumables
  • Consulting and control in corrosion protection
  • Unique interactive concept of education in surface treatment

Our team

Radana Brábníková

Business manager
E-mail: brabnikova@gamin.cz
Mobile: +420 777 243 097
Phone: +420 596 115 008

Pavel Medvec

Technical support and service
E-mail: medvec@gamin.cz
Mobile: +420 737 888 403
Phone: +420 596 115 008

Martina Gecíková

Marketing specialist
E-mail: gecikova@gamin.cz
Mobile: +420 725 013 720
Phone: +420 596 115 008