Real training in virtual world

We provide virtual reality training for companies, schools and also individuals.

In VR, we help test job candidates and we deliver customised VR solutions. We also provide Training for Manual Professions, such as painters or welders, Soft skills or Health and Safety training, including Fire extinguishing.

Benefits of VR education

34 % more effective than traditional teaching

56% shorter learning time

68% lower costs and environmental impact

84% fewer accidents

Source: PWC – Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training in the Enterprise 2019 

VR Testing

VR Testing

We will help with the selection of suitable candidates for manual professions by testing their attention, observation and dexterity. 


Effective and safe training for painters. Simspray helps you step by step to master wet and powder coating or blasting. 


HSE training (Health and safety training)

Firefighting, first aid and simulating hazardous situations in a safe VR environment. 


Real welding training in virtual reality

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Soft skills

Training in negotiation, public speaking, presentation, business and other skills

Tailored product development

Training in service and operation of machines and equipment, including training of new employees. 

Practical implementation of a specific production or work process in a simulated reality, copying the work environment.