VR Testing


Virtual reality test for employees in production, logistics and anywhere that requires perception, dexterity and attention.

It reduces the cost of forced turnover. For a company with 1000 employees, a training cost of 1000 EUR and a forced turnover of 10%, at half the efficiency, 50 000 EUR per year will be saved.

It increases the interest of candidates in your company. Up to 58% for people under 35.

We have tests for production and logistics employees for perception, manual dexterity or attention. You can pay for a license for a year, six months or a month, whichever suits you. Not sure if our tests will suit you? You have the option of five free tests. Testing and evaluation takes approximately 20 minutes.

3 types of tests:

1. attention test – SQUARES

Tests perception, memory, stress management and orientation in space.

Čtverce: Test pozornosti

2. test of perception – ROLLS

Tests perception, sense of detail and keeping attention in time.

Test rolls

3. the manual dexterity test – BOARDS

Tests dexterity, attention, memory and the ability to coordinate both hands.

test 3 - boards

Price of the box solution

Installation package: 10 000 CZK

  • Setting up Oculus Quest 2 to upload third-party apps
  • Upload an app to the VR glasses
  • Setting up and linking the app to a single mobile device
  • In-person basic tutorial
    • Launching and shutting down the app
    • Basic app controls
    • Starting viewing via mobile device
  • Price is based on setup and training at our premises, excluding travel costs for any pick-up and shipment of VR glasses or training at the client’s premises

Price for the administration platform: 30 000 CZK

Price for test modules: 60 000 CZK per module. The application is designed for one device only. In case of a change of device, the price for the migration is 2 000 CZK (plus the price of shipping of the glasses) Prices are without VAT.