Svařování ve virtuální realitě

Welding training by augmented reality

State of the art, Turnkey, Scalable and effective welding training solution powered by Augmented Reality.

Soldamatic revolutionizes welding training creating the next generation of weldersthe most comprehensive, effective and modern welding training solution. 

  • 34% more certified welders than with traditional methodology
  • 56% reduction inlearning time
  • 68% reduction in lab costs and environmental impact
  • 84% less accidents
  • +75 countries worldwide, 75 languages

Hyperreal simulation 

Offers the best, most realistic welding training systemaside from real welding.

  • Power source-like controls
  • Real Welding mask, real torches & gun
  • Welding Joints
  • Welding bead quality & settings
  • Remastered HDWelding Sound
Svařováni - Soldamatic
Svařování ve virtuální realitě

Welding joints

The most used welding joints for welding training in the world.UNE-EN ISO 9606 certified.

  • V-Butt pipe
  • V-Butt plate
  • T-Angled plate to plate
  • Overlapped plate
  • T-Angled pipe to plate

Industrial welding multijoints

Bring real welding joints to Augmented Reality. Developed to cover specific welding training and performance needs.


Advanced welding multijoints

  • Foundational Ambidex
  • Heavy Industry Specific Practices
  • Automotive Thin Plates  
  • Shipbuilding Backing Strip
  • Robotic Foundacional “House” and “Face”
  • Pipeline Monster Coupon
  • Foundational Multilap
  • Foundational Complex Sequence
  • And many others


Builidng the new generation of welders

Svařování ve virtuální realitě